Re: [Videolib] Vacancy: Director, Film and Media Library,

Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:48:41 -0700

On 8/14/07 6:57 AM "Jimi Jones" <> sent this out:

> In short, I thought this job would deal with original materials as well
> as print/online/multimedia resources dealing with film aesthetic and
> film theory (based on the job posting and the questions I asked in the
> phone interview). The job is more of a
> managerial/clerical/accounting/acquisition position dealing with
> circulating video materials. Honestly I have no idea why an MLS is
> required for this job since it's really a clerical position and has
> almost nothing to do with actual library-specific work.

Thanks for the info. You made my point that I guess I didn't make very well
- librarian or film/video dude/dudette? The description seemed like the
latter and MLS basically irrelevant.

Rick Faaberg

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