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Dear Kathy: We also have some films you might find interesting for your

Follows several restoration projects in progress in Darb al-Ahmar,
including: the Great Gate of Bab Zuwayla (1092 A.D.), the Mosque of Emir
Qijmas al-Ishaqi (1481 A.D.), the Church of the Virgin (600 A.D.), the Walls
of Saladin (11th & 12th centuries A.D.). These projects have been
incorporated into a mammoth social, cultural and economic neighborhood
improvement scheme. More:

LIVING WITH MEMORY: Six Sketches of Mali Today
This cultural tour of Mali includes its architecture: in Djenne a thousand
men turn out to restore the plaster on the great mosque in a few hours, one
of the most spectacular but seldom witnessed events in Mali. More:

LIVING WITH MEMORY was made by Susan Vogel, and we also have her newest film
THE FUTURE OF MUD coming out in the fall. The entire film is about the
Malian mud architecture including the annual mosque plastering festival. The
webpage isn't up yet, but I can send you additional information if you are

If you wish to preview any of these films, do let me know.

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Theatrical Premiere of FOREVER by Heddy Honigmann - New York's Film Forum on
September 12th!

> Dear Video librarians,
> Does anyone have a suggestion for a video on Islamic architecture or
> culture? There will be an exhibition on Islamic architecture here at
> Purdue in the fall and the professor in charge wants to show something
> to enhance the scope of what they are covering. He would also be
> interested in any other area of Islamic culture, say something on
> manuscripts, calligraphy, a particular period--say Ottoman. I know we
> will have to deal with the performance rights issue since it is in a
> gallery space. Thanks for any suggestions.

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