[Videolib] DVD kwik cases for sale

Gretchen Raab (Raab@neenahlibrary.org)
Wed, 8 Aug 2007 16:09:23 -0500

Hello all,
We have recently switched to the red tags for our DVD security and
removed all the security cases. As a result, we have approximately 3,000
DVD Kwik cases for sale at $2 each. Most--if not all--are already
security stripped. (We are, however, hanging on to our magnets used to
remove the cases.)
Anyone interested?
Contact: Nancy Britten, Circulation Services Manager, Neenah Public
Library, Neenah, WI
Phone: 920-886-6320
Email: britten@neenahlibrary.org

Gretchen Raab
Neenah Public Library
Neenah, Wisconsin

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