[Videolib] Dealings with yesAsia.com

Brigid Duffy (bduffy@sfsu.edu)
Tue, 31 Jul 2007 15:59:20 -0700

Hi Videolib,

Has anyone on the list bought DVDs from an online company called
yesAsia.com? A teacher here has recommended purchasing "Song of the
Exile" by Ann Hui from them and somehow by looking at the site I have
the feeling their DVDs may not be totally legit.

Can't see "Song of the Exile" on DVD from any U.S. source, which
makes me even more suspicious. Kino had carried it on VHS.

Thanks for any information.

Brigid Duffy
Media Acquisitions
Academic Technology
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA 94132-4200
E-mail: bduffy@sfsu.edu

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