[Videolib] Monaural DVDs

Fry, Eric (efry@fortworthlibrary.org)
Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:58:53 -0500

I have taken several complaints from patrons who claim some of our DVDs
won't work. Specifically, they say their DVD player cannot (or will
not) play the monaural soundtrack on a DVD, but can play a stereo or
multi-channel soundtrack. The problem usually occurs when there is no
other soundtrack option to select (e.g., no commentary track). It often
occurs when playing a Criterion DVD, but is not limited to just that
distributor. The DVD plays fine on other machines, so the problem
appears to be with the DVD player itself, not the TV, and not any kind
of amplifier or sound system.

I talked to a guy at Best Buy, and he confirmed that he has had several
customers return newer-model DVD players, saying they were experiencing
the same problem.

My most recent complaint concerned a Sony DVD Recorder & VHS Combo
Player, model # RDR-VX530. I have found a few complaints regarding the
audio on this machine, but not one that addresses this specific problem.
I'm sure that this is not the only machine with this quirk.

Have any of you had a similar experience?

Eric Fry
Multi-Media Manager
Fort Worth Public Library

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