Re: [Videolib] What is a librarian?

Mark Richie (
Mon, 23 Jul 2007 21:16:37 -0500

"old librarians never die, they just check out . . ."

As one who is a librarian, who has two grandparents who were also
librarians (one male, one female BTW) and who taught for seven years in
a Library Science program I offer the following $.02.

Selection - or gate keeping to put in a more direct manner - is a
pivotal function of the librarian. A function that IMHO is more
important in a Web Centric world.

Sorting, sifting, evaluating what is of value and authoritative is not
the functional interest of an IT department. If anything the selection
function of a librarian is MORE important now than ever before. FINDING
good, relevant information (visual or otherwise) for a client is a tough
enough job on the research side. But Selecting what is worth including
in a collection (media or non-media), or web list, or what is worth
linking to on the library web page takes more time and care when the
choices are many and substance is thin or the long term value is

There is a professional body of knowledge about the principals, art and
science of selection and collection development. That is where our value

Mark Richie
" There are two kinds of librarians, media librarians and all the rest."

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