[Videolib] Teleconfences/Webinars, where to find?

Chuck McCann (cmccann@mailer.fsu.edu)
Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:35:03 -0400

Dupage and Webjunction offer these on Library topics, but what other places online can one find advertisements for teleconferences??
I want to compile a list of sites to help me track what=92s happening in the world in this area.
ALSO: I=92m especially looking for teleconferences of other academic topi= cs particularly in the Humanities.
Please reply with more links and we'll build this list together!
1. Dupage: http://www.dupagepress.com/COD/index.php?id=3D1636
2. Webjunction: http://webjunction.org/do/Navigation?category=3D15543

Chuck McCann
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