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On 7/16/07, Chris McNevins <> wrote:
> Re: George Eastman House/UR see:

Thanks, Chris for the link and the clarification on the University of
Rochester. I have to say, that the students who have gone through the
GEH program have had great experiences, and I've found them on the
whole to be pretty remarkable. And though I don't know that many from
the other colleges, they all seem to be a very motivated and
intelligent group who in a few short years have changed the shape of
cinema history.

That might sound like a pretty amazing statement, but they are now at
the archives and rather than focusing on restoring Gone with the Wind
for the fifteenth time, they have concerned themselves with
collecting, qualifying, archiving and preserving the ephemera films
(their cinematic godfathers being Alan Berliner and Rick Prelinger)
like home movies and industrials -- as well as the independents and
experimental films. People like Ross Lipman, Snowden Becker, Andrew
Lampert, Dwight Swanson, Ed Carter, Mark Toscano, Mike Pogorzelski and
lots more will be just as important as Bob Gitt and Kevin Brownlow
were to my generation. And that's just in the US. There's many more
graduates who are in Europe and Asia working there.

As for how the program can help librarians; knowing how to splice a
film and work a projector, the best ways to migrate a one-of-a-kind
video collection, the various ways to preserve film, and a solid sense
of film history would be a valuable asset to libraries who are facing
these issues (well, all but the first) now and in the future.

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