[Videolib] What is a librarian?

deg farrelly (deg.farrelly@asu.edu)
Fri, 13 Jul 2007 19:05:45 -0700

Gary Handman wrote:
> Oh, by the way, at the risk of being labelled reactionary and
> backward-looking, in regard to your statement: Most (87%) video librarians
> hold a Masters in Library or Information Science. A handful hold only an
> Associates or Bachelors (3%),
> in my neck of the academic woods, there's no such thing as a librarian
> without an MLS. In light of my statement above re the instability of the
> professional specialization, I'm wondering if this is such a musty notion,
> after all. I think we need all the creds we can bring with us.

A post to the Collection Development listserv just inquired about questions
to ask library technician applicants, who will have responsibility for
selecting and deselecting materials.

(This was for a public library, and not related to media)

I have to ask... What is the need for librarians, if such key essential
functions of librarianship are being done by technical staff.

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