Re: [Videolib] Results of ALA VRT's Video Librarian and Video Collection Surveys
13 Jul 2007 15:24:12 -0000

I have an MLIS, but no other special training or education in film, media,
or videos. I don't recall any courses on video librarianship at my school
SLIS at UW Milwaukee, or I would have taken them.

I think there are scenes
in American Movie of Mark Borchardt working on his horror film on campus at
UW Milwaukee, and UWM appears to have a film studies program. Maybe library
schools can collaborate with film and cinemas departments to offer courses
on video librarianship? I think students from both areas would be interested
in such courses.

In Iowa, I recently helped establish a new subsection of
the Iowa Library Association called Iowa Video Round Table. We are sponsoring
a session at our annual ILA conference this October called "Iowa Libraries
Need Movies." The speakers are the director of the Iowa Film Office Tom Wheeler
and the president of the Iowa Motion Picture Association Kent Newman. Kent
Newman is also a co-producer of the documentary A Little Salsa on the Prairie.
I'm hoping these speakers will make a strong argument for library staff to
pay more attention to video collections and programming.

At the conference
I've also volunteered to be a part of a session in which librarians meet with
MLS students to talk about the profession. I'm representing Iowa VRT and video
librarianship. Maybe I can encourage one or two students to think about pursuing
video librarianship, or at least convince them that it's as a worthwhile endeavor?

Anyway, I think advocacy and collaboration are good ways to begin to address
the issues mention by Gary and Meghann, especially since these things can
be initiated by individuals at the local level.

Mike -- 37, and no hopes
of being ever being able to afford to retire!

Michael May

Adult Services

Carnegie-Stout Public Library, Dubuque

Excerpt from Meghann

> Michael may have more to add, but to my mind, we were interested

> allowing our respondents to self-identify as video librarians
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