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Chuck McCann (
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:13:09 -0400

Blackwell, Book House, and Ambassador are our biggest supplier of domestic videos.  We also order videos from several specialized video vendors like Facets Video, Follett Media, Insight Media, and Bullfrog.   If your video selections are American movies, they would almost certainly have come from one of these large vendors. 
There are also a few specialized video vendors like Films for the Humanities and Sciences, which deals in educational videos.

For international videos we=92ve used Susan Bach in Brazil and Harrassowitz in Germany.
But if you want a diverse collection =96 you have to use many different vendors =96 it=92s seems to be the nature of the business. :\


At 08:59 AM 6/27/2007, Rhonda Pancoe wrote:
Dear Colleagues,
My job of media acquisitions has recently been transferred to the library from the informational technology center and my new boss has asked me to look for ways to streamline the acquisitions process.  We are wondering if any of you are aware of any one vendor that we could use to preview and order items from.  Presently we use a number of vendors and shop around for the best price.  I know that because of the wide range of specialties it might be hard to find just one vendor but any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated. 
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