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James Steffen (
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We're currently working with Ambassador Books and Media
( for the bulk of our video orders. I've had
occasional issues with them not supplying the correct video
title/edition and not filling orders in a timely manner, but mostly
they're reliable and they can get just about anything released in the

We're just starting to work with Action! Library Media
( as well. I like their user-friendly
website, and they can send a weekly email listing selected new releases.

When I spoke to Midwest Tapes, the rep told me up front that their
services weren't geared for academic libraries.

As for Insight Media, caveat emptor. They often resell videos from
other manufacturers at a significant markup without making it clear
what they're actually selling. They even change the titles, so you
could easily order a duplicate unknowingly. Once I purchased an
Insight-manufactured DVD-R, and it had no chapter breaks (unlike the
Films Media Group DVD-Rs), making it difficult to use in the classroom.
Another librarian recently complained to me that Insight mixes in K-12
content with the college-level stuff, but I haven't looked into that
issue myself.

James Steffen


> All that comes to mind are the "usual suspects" Insight Media and Baker
> and Taylor. They both carry titles from several distributors.
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> [Videolib] Vendors for Academic Media Libraries
> Dear Colleagues,
> My job of media acquisitions has recently been transferred to the library
> from the informational technology center and my new boss has asked me to
> look for ways to streamline the acquisitions process. We are wondering if
> any of you are aware of any one vendor that we could use to preview and
> order items from. Presently we use a number of vendors and shop around
> for the best price. I know that because of the wide range of specialties
> it might be hard to find just one vendor but any suggestions you can offer
> would be appreciated.
> Rhonda
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