[Videolib] Internet connections in the U.S. vs. other countries

James Steffen (jsteffe@emory.edu)
Tue, 26 Jun 2007 16:09:10 -0400

To follow up on a previous post in the streaming video thread, I had
speculated that the US would be fairly slow in developing widespread
downloading and/or video-on-demand services for commercial feature
films on any large scale, due in part to the lack of internet
infrastructure to support it.

Here's a report from Speedmatters.org that I came across today, in
which they argue that the U.S., at 1.97 mbps, is behind other developed
countries in terms of median broadband download speeds:


Japan clocked in at 61 mpbs, and our civilized northern neighbor Canada
beat us handily at 7.6 mbps. The report also includes breakdowns by

And don't forget that large numbers of people, especially in rural
areas, still only have 56k dialup access.

That's why I don't think downloading/streaming will grow as quickly or
become as pervasive as the DVD format any time soon, at least in the


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