[Videolib] Disc Repair Procedures

Trish Klein (pklein@rdpl.org)
Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:46:18 -0600

Hi, please forgive the cross posting. I'm not sure if I have seen this
topic before, so please feel free to direct me to archives if need be. I
would like to know how other libraries deal with their disc repairs. We
currently have two disc repair machines, DiscoTechDisc-Go-Devil and the
VMI 3500. When a customer complains about a disc, a package needs
replacing, or a barcode is missing, the disc is sent to our technical
services assistant. She checks them, cleans them (2 - 16 minutes per
disc) and if there are still scratches, is supposed to watch them to see
if they are working or not (2 min. - 2 hours). Her feeling is that
watching them is a waste of time and that any scratches left on the disc
after being repaired means that they are not viewable any longer.
Needless to say, there is some disagreement about the procedures as many
of us feel that good discs that just went down for repackaging are being
consigned to the garbage. What are your procedures? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Trish

Trish Klein
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Red Deer Public Library
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