Re: [Videolib] OT: nice yet not too pricey restaurants in DC

Dennis Doros (
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 12:45:02 -0400

> A group of my co-workers will be meeting up for dinner at ALA on Saturday,
> and are stumped for ideas. It struck me that there are many regular
> conference-goers on the list , as well as plenty of bon viviants, and that
> you might have some good ideas. >

Probably not for this occassion and I don't know what kind of food
they serve or how informal it is or how conveniently located it is to
the conference, but Ann Hornaday, a film critic for the Washington
Post, just told me that she LOVED the recently opened Sankofa Cafe.
It's near Howard University and I presume it's in the same building as
the Sankofa Book and Video Store.

It's owned and operated by Haile Gerima and how many restaurants can
you think of owned by legendary indie directors? And let's NOT start a
new list, please ;-)

AND you can shop for videos (with or without PPR I'm sure) next door!

Seriously, I hear Haile took a gamble to open a cafe as a community
gathering place and it would be wondeful if ALA members took the time
to go down there. From what Ann says, she's dying to go back there

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