Re: [Videolib] Streaming Videos from the Collection

Ciara Healy (
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:41:54 -0400

For the needs of the faculty here, supplying "specific titles to
specific classes for a limited period of time" is exactly what I want to
do. That is because we run reserves here in the library - all reserves,
audio, print, electronic. What the instructors want at my college is to
offer audio and digital visual media through their Backboard courseware.
Makes sense to me. Or place those same items on reserve in the library
such that distance education students can access them off campus. So
that would be exactly what I need to do: "respond to short term teaching

I am not scared of the IT department taking over and messing with my
carefully managed collection. As of right now, they really don't want

For me, and I am pretty sure Chuck, this is more of a reserves question
or an access question and it is specifically about using library-owned
media materials for curriculum support via Blackboard. I want to tell
Distance Education Lady that the distance ed students can enjoy a media
rich classroom experience, no problem. (So she will quit acting like she
is tho only one on campus who gives a damn about students, if nothing

I am supposed to be pushing integration of all kinds of media in all
kinds of classrooms; I'm the media librarian. I want to figure out how
to actually do it, not just get support for saying "NO!" or being the
repo man for film makers and distributors rights or the Deputy Copyright
all the time. Plaintive cry: I want to figure out how to give them what
they need.
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