RE: [Videolib] Streaming Videos from the Collection

Ciara Healy (
Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:26:33 -0400

So the important distinction here is streaming vs. downloading, yeah?

The conceptual clash here stems from libraries mission to support the
curriculum with all library materials, what distance education students
are paying for and how media works in "seated" classes. From my
perspective, paying an "institutional price" to show a movie to a
lecture hall that seats 300 clashes with my sense of what 300 distance
education students should see when they have class - asynchronously, as
it happens on this campus.

When librarians start agitating for film maker and distributor rights
and copyright laws the distance ed folks start acting like the only
advocates for those students getting comparable "as good and as much"
education for the same amount of money they pay for classes. I find that
compelling, in fact, as a person who did her library degree at a
distance and at out of state, pay your own travel costs to campus, no
work-study opportunities, no campus amenities used, tippity-TOP dollar,
I'll have you know.

For my community college campus, the only real obstacle seems to be
mode of delivery - is it reliable, cheap enough to be feasible and able
to give the distance ed students the same content students get in a
classroom? So what that the content is streamed or downloaded or beamed
or projected or distributed or broadcast or the hell whatever. It seems
like common sense and it rings true for the instructors I am working

And then the Distance Education Lady asks me if I realize that paying
for the rights (not the ability, but the permission) to digitize
library-owned content is actually paying twice for the exact same
content? (Or is it TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE?) Yeah, Distance
Education Lady, I can add to two.

Maybe you, Catherine from national film network and Distance Education
Lady can settle it once and for all in a covered coop caged grudge
match. Maybe you can then switch to a tag-team to fight the IT
department heavyweights. I am tired of advocating for your profit margin
on the one hand and the righteous "do it for the children" sob sister
on the other hand. Perhaps you can offer pay-per-view rights for the
show and make a bundle.

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