Re: [Videolib] PPR and notification of such

Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 20 Jun 2007 01:45:39 -0700

On 6/19/07 9:34 PM "Christine Godin" <> sent this out:

> Sometimes PBS even has THREE prices offered for the same product but with no
> explanation as to why. I finally called them to confirm. A very nice woman was
> hesitant to commit to much, but did indicate that for them the magic number is
> 60. That being 60 in the room to watch would require PPR. It sounded like she
> came up with a "reasonable" explanation on the fly. Who knows?

In my experience, PBS was *always* really squirrelly with pricing.

I had a subscription for "PBS Videohistory of America" (sic) way back when
(in the nineties) and it had an annual renewal fee that was really sort of

As I remember it, I balked at renewing and suddenly the price of admission
was, like, halved. Might have even been reduced more than that before I cut
a PO - can't quite remember.

PBS is a way-weird outfit to deal with imo. Like back-room dealings and
back-room dinners-and-drinks type of thing.

Rick Faaberg

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