RE: [Videolib] Streaming Videos from the Collection

Ciara Healy (
Tue, 19 Jun 2007 15:51:53 -0400

FSU Chuck says -
"In my case it's not for "for everyone" but for registered students,
though an authentication process that requires student validation,
and the technology to stream only to that audience for instructional
purposes directed by the professor on record for giving such


UC Gary says -
"No one on this list (at least no librarian) that I know of has
(even vaguely) that digitization and delivery of copyrighted works
specific license or permission is acceptable..."

I am interested in the specific case Chuck is asking about above.
Streaming via Blackboard- specifically of clips - on a VOD basis for
enrolled students to watch off campus. I was asked about this exact case
(VOD streaming via Blackboard) only a few days ago. I rained all over
the Distance Education lady's parade.

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