Re: [Videolib] Streaming Videos from the Collection

Rick Faaberg (
Sat, 16 Jun 2007 01:24:56 -0700

On 6/15/07 9:07 AM "Dennis Doros" <> sent this out:

>> Young people live online. I have two online-focused children, so I know.
>> Whoever owns the Chaplin playlist needs to get it on iTunes! :-)
>> Only thing I would say is that eventually nobody will care about 100
>> year-old stuff. Great at the time, but now?> >
> James and Jessica can write what they want about the future (they're
> better qualified than I am) as I already made my point. But is this
> what YOU believe or what you think your public believes? I take this
> personally because the second half attacks my whole life's choice in
> profession and what I believe in.


It's what I think the public believes. I've already been thrown out of the
media business after 25 years or so of advocacy. :(

There's plenty of Chaplin material out there on the "internets", and I do
watch it from time to time. I would most gladly pay some entity like iTunes
(or other online distributor) for the access and retention if it was
available. I hear Apple is talking about providing online "rentals" which
could be incredible for accessing the older product.

My only point (that I unsuccessfully made obviously) is that the young
people need to have online access to the older stuff. What would be wrong
with that?

Thanks for writing


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