Re: [Videolib] Streaming Videos from the Collection

Rick Faaberg (
Fri, 15 Jun 2007 02:13:22 -0700

On 6/14/07 7:03 AM "Dennis Doros" <> sent this out:

> I'm not so sure that's a good thing for a media librarian to admit.
> It's like an art history professor not knowing Rembrandt. It's time to
> take Gold Rush out of the library!

Young people live online. I have two online-focused children, so I know.
Whoever owns the Chaplin playlist needs to get it on iTunes! :-)

> At the same time, I have to say that definitive proclamations of what
> the internet will or will not bring is way too premature. I do think
> there will be the internet for access, but there is a desperate need
> for archiving and preserving materials. I'm sure you agree with this,
> but I do worry about everybody's reliance (and their financial
> resources) on the internet for information -- as the internet can be a
> very fragile system.

Only thing I would say is that eventually nobody will care about 100
year-old stuff. Great at the time, but now?
> I have to say that there will come a time when most films will be
> available online, and there will be a time where distributors will be
> dropping like flies. Why should Gaumont license films to a distributor
> in the US when they can collect the money directly from the
> individual? And this will be an extremely two-edged sword.

Yeah it's scary, but that's the way it's trending. What exactly is the
purpose of "distributors" when the material can be sent directly to the
consumer from the producer?


Rick Faaberg

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