Re: [Videolib] Thanks -- public showing

Dennis Doros (
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:27:33 -0400

Dear Meghann,

Thanks so much for your good thoughts about film culture and kind
words about distributors!

Beyond the ethics, copyrights, and all the other "stuff" argued about
here, there's something I should add. One thing that I first found
when I started at Kino in 1984 was the passion for all things (movies,
music, theater, food, travel, politics, books, etc, etc) shared by my
friends (almost all of us at the lower rung and making a pittance) in
the film business. At the New York Film Festival, we would share a
table outside (in the days when nobody else sat out there) and would
talk into the morning about film and life.

Now, many of us run our own companies, or have gone on to produce
wonderful films, or became archivists or critics -- or stayed in
nontheatrical because they love the field. And I've been amazed at how
passionate they've all remained (okay, one is actually OBSESSED with a
certain baseball club but we won't name names) about everything around
them, despite the fact that every few years we would still make a

There's always a load of debt but I can't think of one of us who went
into film for the money. And I can't think of anyone who hasn't
cheered the other's success through all these years. It's a pretty
cool group and each decade brings another group just as good.

Dennis Doros
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