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Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 12 Jun 2007 23:05:34 -0700

On 6/12/07 8:38 AM "" <> sent this out:

> I imagine there is a wide gap between educational and feature material.
> For a company like Kino this is not going to be practical for a while given
> both
> rights and technology issues. Many of the films in our collection would never
> have included such rights and they have to negotiated one by one, even in
> cases
> where we have them we would be very ruluctant to license them to a third party
> and in many cases probably could not anyway. To give you one very odd example
> we found out that METROPOLIS will probably never be able to licensed for
> streaming by us or anyone else because of weird element of German copyright
> and the estate of the family of artist who developed the design for Maria
> the Robot ( who knew). At this point our focus would be on download technology
> for consumer use. We of course have a lot of foreign films who rights are
> more
> complex and whose owners might well freak at the concept of licensing material
> for streaming. I am not saying it won't happen but for feature material I
> don't
> think it will happen very quickly or easily and as always there will be tens
> of
> thousands of films that for one reason or another you can't license

How do they plan to make money on their holdings once basically *everything*
is streamed except for their holdings?

Rick Faaberg

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