[Videolib] Region-free players revisited

Amy Stewart-Mailhiot (amy.stewart-mailhiot@vanderbilt.edu)
Fri, 18 May 2007 10:14:47 -0500


I've seen this topic addressed in the archives, but I suspect the
information has since changed. Can anybody give advice on a
reputable place to purchase a region-free DVD player? Do companies
still manufacture such machines? All the ones I've seen for sale
seem to be modified by their sellers (which worries me).

Also, would somebody be willing to explain the legal issues
involved more fully than the big "who cares" I've found online?
Info from the Federal Register leads me to believe these are
perfectly legit to own and sell, but--if so--I wonder why I can
only find small online retailers selling them. And--if this is
legal--would it be preferable to use a remote control unlocking
code on a less expensive, region 1 player?

Sorry for the multiple question barrage, but any guidance you kind
souls can offer (prior to the end of this fiscal cycle) will be
much appreciated.

Brian Boling
Library Assistant
Government Information/Media Services
Vanderbilt University
Email: brian.boling@Vanderbilt.Edu

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