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Thanks Stephan.

The list only includes stuff we have in our collection. We don't have the
Sontag, but will add the Leni.



At 04:31 PM 5/14/2007, you wrote:
>Add to the Women Directors' list:
>Riefenstahl's "Tiefland." (1954 release, although shot over a period of
>several years.)
>Based on the Eugene D'albert opera of that name, the film is the story of
>the contest between innocent strength and sophisticated power, between
>"purity" and "corruption" -- as represented by two men: a shepherd who
>lives in the mountains and a noble landowner whose base is the town (the
>"tiefland", "lowland".) Riefenstahl plays the part of the woman caught
>between them. Production had to stop during the war, the film materials
>were confiscated by the French authorities, and were only given back after
>Riefenstahl's "de-Nazification" hearing.
>Also add "Duet for Cannibals", directed by Susan Sontag, which played at
>the Seventh Annual New York Film Festival (1969). Oddly, imdb only lists
>the German title. A psychological thriller. Yahoo's movie data base says:
>A tale of emotional cannibalism--the enigmatic wife of a mysterious
>political figure in exile in Stockholm - one of a pair of psychological
>and sexual cannibals who come close to devouring a younger couple.
>Videolib readers who want to hear and see something of these films can
>check our website: We produced documentaries that
>feature clips of both films and explanations by the artists.
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