RE: [Videolib] Audio Visual DEselection policies

Ciara Healy (
Mon, 14 May 2007 17:32:47 -0400

Dear The List,

I have been trying to find something along the lines of CREW/MUSTIE for
visual media but I am only finding a line or two within other folks'
collection development policies. I have read the non-print section of
CREW but I need some more detail, hopefully broken down by Dewey #.
Being in a Community College I have a lot of short-shelf-life
"technology" videos about microprocessors, engines (with or without
computer chips) and the like. I am having a hard time getting the
instructors in to really go over the materials because they may not have
used them in a while, don't have the time or inclination or might not
want to watch the films to assess them.

Yes, watch the films.

Did I also mention that a few years ago the library director bought a
sliding cabinet/hanging clip system for the VHS that required the boxes
and all of the descriptive material to be stripped so that the cassettes
themselves could fit in the clips? So I know almost nothing about the
films and unless the catalog record is really beefy, I have no idea the
content, coverage or quality, relevance, etc. of the film... Just the
physical VHS and the title and whatever bits of info fit on the label.

So the little fraction with the MUSTIE (older than X years/not
circulated in Y years) is really what I am looking for - by Dewey #.

If you've seen something like that or know of anyone who just weeded a
similar collection, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it!


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