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I have declined purchasing TV series in the past, mostly because we are
a small community college of about 3000 FTE (6000 total) and my budget
is not that big. I would rather spend the money on some great
documentaries or case studies from Bullfrog, California Newsreel, or
Fanlight. Public patrons use our library as well as students and
faculty, and the request is guaranteed that if I buy the first and
second season of Northern Exposure, they're going to want season three,
four, five, and six. I ran into this problem when I purchased some anime
(TV eps and Movies) for a video theme last year. If a faculty member
requests a TV show for a class, it's usually one episode, and I try to
get that...

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This is a thorny issue at Colleges and Universities. I don't address it
our written policy, but if a series has been very highly rated and
reviewed, and not accessible except by premium cable or satellite
I consider it a valid purchase but NOT a required one. Of course, if a
faculty requests a set for either research or classroom need, I'll order
it, no matter where it had been broadcast.


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