RE: [Videolib] Nothing about videos in ALA's State of Libraries

James Steffen (
Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:25:21 -0400

Agreed, we need to have a clearly articulated set of shared goals if we
are to advocate effectively for increased representation of audiovisual
media on the ALA agenda. I second the notion of making this a focus for
the VRT and would be glad to help out in some way.

James Steffen

> I'm not sure what the VRT can do to promote video/media as an ALA agenda but
> we need to do something to get noticed. In past years, we've had the ear of
> ALA President's Sarah Long, Nancy Kranich and to a certain extent, Carol
> Brey and done some exciting things. We need to do that again - get into the
> inner circle and start to make some noise - but first we need to present a
> unified front, have some goals. I think that this would make a wonderful
> "think tank" session for the VRT. Just thoughts - cause I may be a library
> director but I'm still a practicing AV librarian as well.

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