Re: [Videolib] Nothing about videos in ALA's State of Libraries report?
24 Apr 2007 15:22:09 -0000

Thanks for the comments on this topic. Of course in the original post I meant
"video" as in any film or movie format, not VHS versus DVD.

My library
is slowly replacing VHS with DVD, but even so DVD circulation appears to be
higher now than VHS ever was. One public library director I know claims DVD
circulation has been the fastest growing of any collection he's seen in 30
years. And downloadable videos are right around the corner.

If ALA wants
to report "increasing circulation" and "billions served," shouldn't they mention
video circulation as contributing to those trends? The report highlights
other, far-less interesting areas, like e-books and academic journals.

The ALA units that help write the annual report are listed here:

Maybe representatives from ALA VRT could request to be included, or maybe
publish similar annual reports about video collections and services in American

Thanks again.

Mike in Dubuque
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