RE: [Videolib] visual literacy (was Nothing about videos in ALA's State of Libraries report?)

Tatar, Becky (
Tue, 24 Apr 2007 10:18:51 -0500

This is more about films in general - it's also about what kind of
collection we have. How many media librarians in public libraries are
told to just collect the current popular films - don't get the classic
titles, art films, silent films, foreign, and so forth, or add
nonfiction beyond the PBS titles. A couple years ago, Gary wrote a
piece for the VRT newsletter that was just great about the importance of
film in our lives. I really believe that. After moveable type in the
1400s, I think the greatest inventions of the last millenia were the
invention of sound recording and film. Thank you Thomas Edison! Now,
we just have to convince everyone else.

year, partly due to removing the $1 check out fee, and having popular
titles, but also because we have a small but growing nonfiction
collection that goes out.

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