Re: [Videolib] Nothing about videos in ALA's State of Libraries report?

Steve Fesenmaier (
Tue, 24 Apr 2007 10:12:02 -0400

I wrote my own MLS thesis on "Film Selection Policies in Public Libraries"
in 1979. One of the main conclusions was that few selection policies showed
an awareness of film history. Years latter I had a letter published in
American Libraries about a library film critic blasting one of my fav films,
"WR: Mysteries of an Organism" by Dusan Makavejev. An editor at McFarland
asked me to write a book on the visual illiteracy of librarians. I told him
that librarians needed to watch more films, especially important classic and
new ones, not read a book about their faults. At one time the National
Video Resources ( now called ReNew) person, Sally Mason, tried to help
librarians become more visually literate. I don't know who is promoting
visual literacy in our profession any more other than this listserv and
related groups at ALA.

If anyone would like to read my 50 page work on film selection policies,
write me directly at - Steve Fesenmaier

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