Re: [Videolib] Split betwen Audio and Visual?

Ciara Healy (
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:51:48 -0400

I am fully A and V. Also ac/dc. And digital and analog.

Though I spend a lot more time with the visual side of my collection, I
do both. Similar to you, I do not really keep up with music
librarianship (seems really specialized) or the listservs.

OK.. I'll say it. I like videos better. But I have music on my computer
in my office all day long. In terms of the actual librarianship, I think
that videos and VHS seem more like books to me. Music seems "other" and
I always worry a bit that CDs won't be where they are supposed to be or
that I won't be able to find what the patron needs in the CDs. Maybe it
is because most of my music collection is classical and I don't know it
well or use it. Or really like it much.

Also, I just handle and deal with more of the visual media. So it makes
sense for me to be a part of a video round table since I think I'd be
more likely to have something to contribute where as if I belonged to a
music librarians listserv or group I would feel like I didn't know
enough about classical composers or jazz sax or three-bar blues or
whatever. More patrons at my college use the video collection and only
the music people (two professors here) use the music. There is no real
research or scholarship needs for my collection - just teaching mostly.

I guess I believe that music librarianship means knowing a lot about
music and video librarianship can be more generally about library skills
- information organization and access - rather than knowing everything
about cinema. My degree was in philosophy first and I took no kind of
specialization in library school so I probably have no business being
any kind of media librarian anyway. But I am.

I don't like to lump music and video together merely because they share
the identity of "non-book" but that is how it seems in most libraries
except where there is real scholarship in music or visual media


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