Re: [Videolib] Feature Film Scenes re: Food / Counseling

Debra Jo Sujka (
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 10:04:15 -0400

For ritual, isn't there a scene, I believe it is Yentl, where Barbra
Streisand is shown during the Shabbat meal.

For other food scenes-
the food fight in Animal House
the bedroom scene in Hot Shots
Christmas dinner scene in Christmas Vacation

Somewhere in the back of my mind I can see Clark Gable or Cary Grant
shoving a pie into a woman's face. It was one of those old movies from
the 40's - 60's.

What about some of the old comedies - Marx Brothers, Keystone Cops, The
3 Stooges - that era? I seem to remember that a lot of them had pies
flying, apples rolling around on the floor, etc.

Debra Jo Sujka
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