[Videolib] SPARC Supports New Initiative for Shared E-Resource Understanding

M. Claire Stewart (claire-stewart@northwestern.edu)
Thu, 1 Mar 2007 15:13:24 -0600

Since the issue of licensed access to video was recently raised on
videolib, I thought this statement would be of interest.


>For immediate release:
>March 1, 2007
>For more information, contact:
>Jennifer McLennan
>(202) 296-2296 ext. 121
>SPARC Supports New Initiative for Shared E-Resource Understanding
>NISO working group aims to facilitate buying and selling of
>electronic resources
>Washington, DC - March 1, 2007 - The National Information Standards
>Organization (NISO) has formed a working group on Shared E-Resource
>Understanding (SERU) to develop a best practice statement that will
>support a new license-free mechanism for buying and selling
>electronic resources. The working group will build upon exploratory
>work already done by a group sponsored by SPARC, ARL, the Society
>for Scholarly Publishing, and the Association of Learned and
>Professional Society Publishers.
>The SERU best practice statement will not be a license, although it
>addresses many issues common to license agreements. During the
>purchase process, publishers and librarians will be able to
>reference the normative understandings expressed in the best
>practice statement and they may choose to rely on their trust in the
>shared expectations and existing contract and copyright law, rather
>than negotiating and signing a license agreement.
>SPARC is pleased to encourage this project's efforts to reduce the
>overhead costs--to both libraries and publishers--that are
>attributable to negotiating license agreements. License negotiations
>are appropriate for many e-resource sales but too often increase the
>prices of products, impose needless delays in access for users, and
>raise barriers to publishers' entry into the e-resource market.
>Developed in the context of the U.S. publishing marketplace, it is
>anticipated that the project will benefit negotiations in other
>countries as well.
>More information about the SERU project and working group is
>available at http://www.niso.org/committees/SERU/. This site
>includes information on how to sign up to be notified of new
>developments as the project progresses. An FAQ is also available at
>the site.
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>SPARC Europe and SPARC Japan, is an international alliance of more
>than 800 academic and research libraries working to create a more
>open system of scholarly communication. SPARC's advocacy,
>educational, and publisher partnership programs encourage expanded
>dissemination of research. SPARC is on the Web at
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