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Hi Marilyn,
I have watched episode of tv series on YouTube. Yes I believe it is illegal and what usually happens is that once an owner finds its stuff up on YouTube, they send them "a kindly worded note and a fruit basket" asking them to remove it. Which they do, and then a few months later some one else uploads it believing they are doing the world a favor. I catch old episodes of Stargate SG1 on Youtube from time to time that way. Be lucky you haven't found Youtube before, it is the biggest waster of my time since I found

>>> Marilyn Huntley <> 02/27/07 7:26 am >>>
I'm sad that I didn't receive any help from the "great guru" (a.k.a. you Videolib experts).

The good news is that I have the answer to my first question. What I was looking for is indeed an episode of Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days" series on the FX network, and the episode is on the DVD that's available from Fox and from

I still haven't gotten anywhere with the PPR part of my search, so I still would appreciate your help. There must be a person or at least a department I could contact at Fox. Can anyone give me a lead, please?

Now I need to ask you about something further that I learned yesterday. I contacted the sponsors (who shall remain nameless) of a couple of showings of this movie, which I'd found listed on websites. I e-mailed the two groups, asking them where they acquired their movie and how they arranged for PPR. One of them replied that they got the movie from YouTube, but she didn't mention PPR. This was the first time I'd ever visited the YouTube site. Is it really possible to download an entire episode of a network TV show? And is it legit?

Needless to say, I'm looking for a legal way to present the movie here.

Marilyn Huntley

At 02:30 PM 2/23/2007, you wrote:

Here's another goodie I've been asked to line up. A student group wants to show a movie that they're calling "30 Days as a Muslim in America." The closest thing I've found so far is an episode of Morgan Spurling's TV series "30 Days," on the FX network. There's a DVD available from the Fox Store or from, called "30 Days - Series 1," and one of the episodes on it is called "Muslims and America."

First question - do you think this "Muslims and America" TV episode is the same thing as the title they asked me to find?

Second question - if we pay $15.98 for a 6-episode DVD, then it must be a home-use item, and not legit for public performance. What are the chances that I can get public performance licensing for a showing of an episode from the FX network? And how would I contact anyone at FX with the authority to answer such a question?

Thanks for your help.
Marilyn Huntley

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