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Our Chavo del Ocho DVDs continue to be very, very popular, and I believe
we ordered them from Amazon. When I was researching titles, I found
Midwest Tape has an excellent selection. Other popular titles in our
collection are Marcelino Pan y Vino, Cronos, Cadena Perpetua, and La Ley
de Herodes. Thought the Cantinflas films would be more popular than they
are (except El Padrecito, which does all right) and apparently I'm
nearly alone in enjoying watching El Santo kick some Martian tail. Good
luck-I know I had a great time seeking out titles that would appeal to
popular tastes.

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Anyone have suggestions for Mexican DVDs (and suppliers) that would
appeal to transient workers and be suitable for a public library?
A variety of Nuevo Cine Mexicano (New Mexican Cinema) titles are on the
way and others are in the collection but I have been advised that those
may not be of interest to the majority of the people we are trying to

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