Re: [Videolib] Collection going to IT????!!!!

Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 20 Feb 2007 00:55:36 -0800

On 10/4/06 9:09 AM "Maureen Tripp" <> sent this

> It is always exciting here at Emerson. Fresh back from the Media Market (it
> was great meeting so many videolibbers in person) I was told that our
> film/video collection may be administered by IT rather than the Library,
> because they want to make the collection "on demand." Not sure whether this
> refers to a centralized distribution center or whether to streaming--I am not
> included in the preliminary discussions (!)
> My questions:
> have any other college/university film/video collections been "moved" to IT
> departments?
> do any other college/universities offer their nonprint collections "on
> demand"?

I feel that it is a *major* mistake to assign media content to the IT

IT departments are never about content, only delivery. And that's just fine,
when you need delivery of content via the IT network.

Resist any such move with all your best efforts. IT taking over media
content is death of your program.

I am a case in point. My program was assigned to the IT department and the
media program was killed within a couple of years. I continue to witness the
death online (my position was eliminated by the way) and it's so sad to see.

Do not let IT take over your media program. Have them manage the streaming
or whatever but do NOT let them take over content management.


Rick Faaberg

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