Re: [Videolib] When the Levees Broke PPR?
15 Feb 2007 23:40:35 -0000

My public library has PPR through Movie License USA, a division of Swank.
The public library license does not list HBO as being covered, but Swank's
license for colleges does list HBO, so I called for Swank at 1-800-876-5577
for clarification.

Swank's rep said the public license does not cover HBO,
but that rights to When the Levees Broke are owned by 40 Acres and a Mule
Filmworks, not HBO.

So I phoned and then faxed my request 40 Acres at the
address below:

Spike Lee

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Inc.

124 Dekalb

Brooklyn, New York 11217

Tel: 718 624 3703

Fax: 718 624 2008

have not received a response, which, while not unusual when requesting PPR,
is quite frustrating.

While working on this, I discovered Columbia University
Teacher's College free "Teaching The Levees” curriculum package:

I have written to Teachers College Press to ask if the free kit includes
PPR that would allow librarians to screen "When the Levees Broke" to the public.
It would seem very odd if PPR was not included in a curriculum designed to
use Spike Lee's documentary as the "impetus, touchstone and text for democratic
dialogues in schools, colleges, and community organizations."

I'll forward
any response to VIDEOLIB.

Mike in Dubuque


Does anyone know if there are PPR available for "When the Levees Broke"

> directed by Spike Lee? I've checked all the usual sources and can't

> find any whisper of information? Any help would be great.


> Thanks!


> Ang


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> Angela Romano

> Library Media Services, Elmhurst
College Library

> 190 Prospect Ave. Elmhurst IL 60126


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