[Videolib] Question on Public Performance Rights

Marynelle Chew (chewm@byuh.edu)
Tue, 13 Feb 2007 10:25:16 -1000

One of our librarians is considering showing a library-owned video or two in
the library, in conjunction with a library display.

Are public performance rights needed for an in-library showing, with a
professor present to make an introduction and lead a discussion-and-answer
period afterwards, of films that would be shown in conjunction with a
library display and not part of a regular curriculum? Advertised to
students, no admission fee.

Films under consideration are

La bataille d'Alger = The battle of Algiers / un film de Gillo Pontecorvo
(Criterion Collection)

Bollywood bound / Nisha Pahuja (Films for the Humanities)

This is new territory for us as we have not done this type of thing before.
In the past I have not additionally licensed PPR when purchasing av
materials and would greatly appreciate any guidance you can give me on how
to go about obtaining permission, should your collective wisdom deem that it
is required.

Thank you!

Marynelle Chew
Head, Technical Services
Joseph F. Smith Library
Brigham Young University-Hawaii
55-220 Kulanui St. #1966
Laie, HI 96762

tel: 808-293-3863
fax: 808-293-3877
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