[Videolib] ILL of Media

Andrews, Sarah E (sarah-andrews@uiowa.edu)
Fri, 9 Feb 2007 16:36:07 -0600

Here are answers from The University of Iowa Libraries provided by our
ILL librarian:

We lend vhs and DVD, CDs and CD-roms selectively and no 16 mm.

I am not sure how many total requests we get from patrons but last
semester we were able to actually obtain about 100 videos and 100 cds.
The actual number of requests for videos is much higher than what we are
able to obtain.

We did lend out about 175 CDs and 580 videos last semester. We denied
about 200 video requests as well.

The lending statistics are much more accurate than the borrowing
statistics but this will give everyone an idea.

Sarah Andrews
Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging
University of Iowa Libraries

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