Re: [Videolib] Re: ILL of Media

John Vallier (
Fri, 9 Feb 2007 13:58:32 -0800

Hello, Brigid:

> 1) does your university/college/school do interlibrary loan of
> media (vhs, dvd, 16mm, cd-rom, etc.)?

We've been ILL-ing with our other UW campuses (Tacoma and Bothell)
for a while now, but we just began ILL-ing DVDs and VHS tapes to our
Summit partners:
Requests from non-Summit institutions are reviewed on a case-by-case

> 2) about how many requests per semester do you get?

Since we started loaning via Summit (late December 2006) we have
processed 574 items (!).

> 3) about how many requests do you make per semester?

As we are only half way through our first quarter of this I can't
say, but it looks like we may get close to 1,000. If these numbers
continue, we are going to have to hire someone to focus on this
aspect of our circulation.

Thanks for asking,


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