Re: [Videolib] Media booking systems - recommendations?

Adrienne Howard (
Fri, 09 Feb 2007 07:40:02 -0800

I would highly recommend Medianet -

The software system is awesome; very progressive and always evolving.
They do at least one major release each year and it just gets more
flexible and easier to use. They have also developed a web office to
create and update title records, clients, etc. Their web catalog and
booking system works great out of the box, but you can also design and
customize your web site around that central core - so you can still
retain a unique look and feel (branding, etc.) You can also stream
podcasts and webcasts, offer teacher's guides, photos, and other
digitized items right from a media title's online record.

And the people there are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know they
have university and school district customers all over the world.

Once you check out Medianet's link above, try the link to my library
and you will see that there is a lot of room for the customization of
surrounding code for the web catalog and booking system.

Adrienne Howard
Portland Public Schools
Multimedia Library - BESC/L2-30
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