[Videolib] Re: ILL of Media Items

Ang Romano (angelar@elmhurst.edu)
Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:34:11 -0600

We do loan media items, but on a case-by-case basis. I try to restrict
loans to only academic libraries, and deny requests made from public
libraries, but it depends 100% on the item. Has it circ'd recently? Is
there a professor who uses it every semester without fail? Is it
expensive to replace, or worse, OP? All those questions are things I
take into account while trying to decide whether to loan.

We probably get around 10-15 requests a week during the academic year.
Things slow in the summer; of course, that's when I'm more willing to
lend items due to lower use by our professors. At any given time, we
usually have between three and five items out through ILL. So I would
say I tend to approve around 30% of requests.

I rarely, if ever, place ILL requests for media items. Our consortium
almost always automatically blocks media ILL requests, so I only handle
those that come in through OCLC. And since I have to go through OCLC to
request, I'll usually only do it if I have some sort of prior experience
borrowing from a library. In fact, the majority of requests we make are
denied. Sometimes, I'll contact a library directly to establish some
sort of special borrowing parameters, but that also happens very rarely.

Actually, when we don't have an item, and it's rentable, we rent from
one of the two remaining university rental systems. (Penn State and
University of Missouri.) We're guaranteed to get the items, and the
charge is always covered here by the department doing the renting, not
by us.

Hope that's informational!


Angela Romano
Library Media Services, Elmhurst College Library
190 Prospect Ave. Elmhurst IL 60126
(630)617-3259 fax (630)617-3332

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