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Tue, 6 Feb 2007 20:34:57 -0600

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Do you have open or closed stacks?
Open (except for reserves)

Do you use locking cases?

Locked cases for DVDs; Tattletape for VHS

Do you just display the insert and have the disc itself behind the
No, everything is in truly open stacks.

Do your titles have LC call numbers?

Any words of wisdom?

Overall has been a great experience. Just as with changing the policy
to allow for ILL of the videos, it took some promotion of the positives
(to the faculty, not the students). No more waiting! Browse the
collection! Book and reserve as usual! Visibility has definitely
increased circulation -- which has enabled me to successfully request a
larger purchasing budget.
The extra staff time spent on shelf reading is far less than the old
fetch & carry model. Disappeared videos have been minimal -- and they're
the inexpensive stuff that I may or may not replace; it's not the $200
educational titles that wander.

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