[Videolib] Closed vs Open Stacks

Beth Traylor (bethe@uwm.edu)
Tue, 06 Feb 2007 13:54:36 -0600

Hello All,

Our administration is looking in to the possibility of open stacks for
our collection in the future. Right now, our collection is stored
behind the counter and we go and get the titles. We have over 8000 vhs
and dvd titles for a campus population of 28,000+ students. They are not
LC catalogued. We would still house any titles placed on Reserve for
students to watch in the Library behind the counter.

We need to investigate the pros and cons of having titles in open
shelving outside the office area in
some kind of secured cases. What is everyone doing?

Do you have open or closed stacks?

Do you use locking cases?

Do you just display the insert and have the disc itself behind the counter?

Do your titles have LC call numbers?

Any words of wisdom?

Thank you in advance for your shared wisdom.

Beth Traylor
Multimedia Librarian
UW-Milwaukee Libraries

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