RE: [Videolib] DVD circulation policies - public libraries

Griest, Bryan (
Tue, 30 Jan 2007 11:46:09 -0800

> How many DVDs do you allow per patron check-out?

6 non-fiction, 6 features.

> How long do your DVDs circulate?

Non-rentals circ for 1 week.

In regard to circulation time, do you distinguish between fiction and
nonfiction, adult and juvenile?


> How do you handle your boxed DVD sets? Do they have a longer
> circulation period? Do you keep in one package or separate the
> discs?

We separate the discs. I've tried to split the sets so as to be fair to
the patrons--who can see all 22 hours of a TV season in a week? 2-3
hours running time per item checked out, just like a feature film,
dictating about 1 TV disc per circ item. Make sense?

> How do you secure your DVDs?

We are presently switching over to 3M overlays. They're cheaper than
Kwik cases and once in place will cost less staff time. They can also be
checked out by patrons using our self-check machines.

> Do you use a security case or lock?
> If so, what is the name of the product?
> Are you satisfied with the product? Why or why not?

See above. We are dissatisfied with Kwik cases not only because of their
cost, but also because they have other drawbacks. The plastic is so
thick that it can sometimes be problematic for some patrons to read the
information on the DVD box itself, and finally they are very noisy when
they fall over, which happens often.
Bryan Griest
Glendale Public Library
Glendale, Ca.

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