[Videolib] Home Grown Video Acquisitions

Deborah T. Walsh (dwalsh@geneva.lib.il.us)
Mon, 29 Jan 2007 12:02:12 -0600

A representative of a local League of Women Voters' organization has
'gifted' us with two copies of a DVD created as a result of a videographed
panel discussion on best practices for becoming a good candidate in local
elections. The League sponsored the panel, comprised of local elected
officials, and apparently mentioned before the program began that it would
be taped, asking the participants if anyone would be unhappy to be caught on
tape. Hearing no complaints, tape rolled. She would like the burned DVDs
added to our collection. Besides the obvious problems (they were burned on
a rather flimsy DVD-R and will not stand up to much general circulation)
there seem to be more disturbing issues with accepting this 'gift' and
adding it to our public library collection. Does anyone have a policy
regarding gifts of this sort? I'm particularly interested in whether you
worry about clearing potential copyright issues, (was there music in the
background? were there any graphics caught on tape in the room the taping
occurred in, for example.) Do you verify that permission was, in fact,
secured from those on tape? Undoubtedly in my naiveté there are myriad other
issues I haven't even thought to angst about yet. Perhaps more importantly,
how you provide information to your cataloging department so that they can
create a local catalog record for the item(s) ?? Ours is certainly not happy
with the idea of actually having to view the DVD in its entirety to create
an accurate record. Is that 'my' job as the head of reference and
Collection Development officer of the adult services department?

Any takers?

Deborah T. Walsh
Geneva Public Library District
Geneva, IL

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