Re: [Videolib] DVD circulation policies - public libraries

Renee Zurn (
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 13:15:30 -0600


Your Library system: Duluth Public Library, Duluth MN

How many DVDs do you allow per patron check-out? Patrons can now
checkout 10 DVDs per card. The limit used to be 4 but we raised it when
our shelves became too full. We only have so much space for the DVDs.

How long do your DVDs circulate? Our DVDs circulate for one week, the
same length we use for VHS.

In regard to circulation time, do you distinguish between fiction and
nonfiction, adult and juvenile? No, all movies, no matter the format
or content, circulate for one week. They can be renewed for an
additional week if there is no hold for the item. The only exception we
make is for a movie is to be used in a classroom. In that case the
teacher may check it out for two weeks with no renewal.

How do you handle your boxed DVD sets? Do they have a longer
circulation period? Do you keep in one package or separate the discs?
Most box sets circulate as a set, with the same one week loan period.
We do occasionally separate nonfiction sets but that decision is usually
driven by how the set needs to be replaced than how the contents may be
used. We ran into problems with VHS sets and patron holds and
replacement costs. Our DVD policy is an extension of the VHS policy.

How do you secure your DVDs? We have open shelving for single DVDs and
double DVD sets. Any set with more than 3 discs is kept behind the
Circulation Desk with a dummy case on the DVD shelf. The patron trades
the dummy box for the set at checkout. We originally had all DVDs
behind the desk but the collection grew too large. We decided that the
DVDs that cost the most are usually the larger sets so those are the
ones we try to secure.

Do you use a security case or lock? No. Decided against them due to
ergonomic and time concerns.
If so, what is the name of the product?
Are you satisfied with the product? Why or why not?

I hope my information helps.

Renee Zurn
Manager, Adult Services
Duluth Public Library
520 W. Superior St.
Duluth, MN 55802

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