Re: [Videolib] Discovery Channel store

Susan Albrecht (
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 12:44:56 -0500

>Karen Fischer asked:
> Has anyone had success in ordering from the online Discovery
> Channel store with a library credit card?
> I know they refuse purchase orders and say they don't sell to
> libraries, but I was wondering if they automatically cancel orders
> being shipped to a library or if a credit card order would get through.

Karen, I have placed orders with them via credit card. It's
*possible* that the reason I was successful in doing so is that my
library credit card also has an individual's name on the front
(formerly my boss's, now mine), and when asked for "name on card," I
always supply that rather than the library name. Also, our campus is
small enough that, for a shipping address, it's enough if I use my
full name and street address, even leaving out the library name.

Susan at Wabash

Susan Albrecht
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