RE: [Videolib] Black like me

Mike Tribby (
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 14:34:34 -0600

>From Jessica (and similar sentiments were aired by Jerry):

"FYI that is a REALLY bad idea re throwing out the VHS especially for a
There are TENS of thousands of titles that were released on video that are
not on DVD and many never will be"

All true, I couldn't agree more completely. But as we at QBI are constantly
being told about public and school library patrons, people just won't check
out VHS materials anymore. I think it's awfully short-sighted for any
collection, especially a research collection, to toss all of the VHS
holdings, especially the non-fic stuff, but it gets harder and harder to get
patrons to check 'em out. Seems even weirder since I encounter many more
playback difficulties with DVDs from the library than VHS. Same with books
on CD compared to books on tape.

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